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For the rest of our lives, my husband, daughter and I will never forget Susan Hutchinson. She, along with her colleges, took our case pro-bono. It took a lot of dedication, determination, and hard work to get our case to Federal Court in Dallas, Texas. Our case had to do with our son, Craig Morris, civil rights being violated which resulted in his death in the Dallas County Jail. He was only there 18 hours and had been picked up on a bogus charge. The police thought he was drunk, but no alcohol was found in his blood steam. He had a severe case of pneumonia which did not get diagnosed because of neglect. Susan is a brilliant lawyer and I would highly recommend her to anyone. She is the one that was with us from beginning to end. Not only that, she is very professional along with being kind and considerate. And need to say, we won the case after 5 working days in Federal Court and received the monetary amount the jury decided on. We hope and pray this case will help prevent this happening to others. My family will always be her fans! May God always bless her.

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